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Second floor of the Journey into Imagination building

So we will be doing a full review of the Undiscovered Future World Tour soon but we wanted to just post these for everyone to see. They’ve been heavily watermarked and please do not repost them on tumblr or any other social media site.

Now technically guests are no longer taken up there as part of the tour. However our tour guide, who shall remain nameless, was extremely generous and took us up there. (We think probably because we were a very small group, just us three sisters and another couple, and all were obvious EPCOT nerds. Plus our guide had worked at the pavilion for a long time and had obvious love for it that we shared.)

Just a few things our guide let us know about the pavilion: 

  • We weren’t allowed to go into the exhibits area as that is not “show ready” in any form. It’s mostly used for storage but we could still see some of the original ImageWorks exhibits set up.
  • The other reason guests are generally no longer taken up there is because there are structural issues. Apparently a manager fell through the floor while walking around up there recently.
  • As of this time there are no plans to make any changes to the pavilion. According to our guide no changes can take place unless there is a dedicated “partner” for the pavilion. 
  • Our guide also let us know that Disney won’t be able to put Dreamfinder back in the ride until they can buy him back from Kodak. Disney bought Figment back a few years ago but Kodak still owns the rights to Dreamfinder. Our guide did say that there are many imagineers who do want to get Dreamfinder back though so maybe one day it’ll happen. (I think it’s even more likely given that Kodak is allowing for Dreamfinder’s use in the Figment comic.)

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Help Us Tom Fitzgerald, You're Our Only Hope


three months after the fact, i finally weigh in on tom fitzgerald and epcot

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Spotted today on a bus in France (the real one, not the pavilion.) Zoom

Spotted today on a bus in France (the real one, not the pavilion.)

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Horizons choose your own ending: Space.


Horizons choose your own ending: Space.

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For any fan of Journey into Imagination, I have recently stumbled upon a semi-new video of Imagination filmed close to its closing, in 1998, and for some reason it has stolen my heart. 

Journey into Imagination is one of the luckier old attractions that manages to survive through footage from the 80s up to its closure, and I have helped spread Imagination to several friends by showing them these precious pieces footage…and that’s exactly how I stumbled upon this video. This is, and this is my opinion here, my FAVORITE video to show people who have never seen the ride Journey into Imagination. You can’t see every hair on Dreamfinder’s beard, or every scale on Figment, and YES, the audio is in Mono. However, the colors of the lighting, the vivid capturing some places I’ve never found footage that looks clean like the Literary fireworks room, the Arts room, and the Finale.

Anyway, it pains me to see this video having only 600 views, so my dearest Imagination buddies, please spread this video around! I think you guys will all enjoy it as much as I do! (PS. They have a horizons one as well. It’s a little jerkier, but it’s still pretty.)

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EPCOT Center - as shown in the infamous 1993 Delta Airlines WDW promotional video.

Phenomenal find.

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Muppets at Walt Disney World (1990)


Muppets at Walt Disney World (1990)

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Expanded England: Classics and Cruises 

With London and the Olympics at the forefront of everyone’s minds, today, now is as good as any to look back at Disney’s plans for English cultural exposition… 

Much like the rest of EPCOT Center, World Showcase’s pavilions went through a rigorous design process and several different iterations of each concept were explored and highlighted. 

In the mid 1980s, plans were looked at to expand the United Kingdom’s pavilion and had two of WED’s top Imagineers dedicated to the project. 

In 1986, Harper Goff painted the first picture, revealing the plans for a Thames River Cruise. While never appearing, Goff’s plans would have taken guests on a tour of London’s landmarks and history. The scale of the ride looks to be quite expansive, and the composition of the rendering is redolent of Pirates of the Carribean’s opening scenes, and perhaps served as an inspiration for Goff. 

Earlier, in 1984, Sam McKim also tried his hand at expanding World Showcase, and this time, with a more fantasy and literary based approach. Delving into the world of Charles Dickens, McKim planned and painted a whole series of Audio Animatonic tableaux for a show in the United Kingdom centering around the story of Scrooge and the Spirits of Christmas.

Fully drawing on the emotion, descriptions, and cultural symbolism of the novel McKim’s show would have been an explicit example of cultural adaptation for World Showcase, something that has not been done before. El Rio Del Tiempo and Maelstrom dealt in nebulous concepts of history and myth; the American Adventure exposes patriotism and a measure of history. The travelogue films do much of the same, and IllumiNations is a conglomerate effort of symbolism, ethos, and shared history. Nothing as specific as McKim’s Dickensian show has ever, unfortunately, been found in World Showcase.  Given the fact that it suits the pavilion, and the intent of World Showcase totally, this is a mode of exhibition and entertainment that should be furthered and considered in concepts to come. 

First time I’ve seen these. Very cool!

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Paul Torrigino and his Maelstrom models.

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