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The horrifying decayed remains of the Figment puppets used in the finale films of the original Journey into Imagination attraction, which were auctioned off on eBay back in 2008.

Wow, I wonder why these things were just….well, not taken care of at all? I also have to wonder if these were the only three used as well: It was probably done to save money on the already VERY expensive price tag on EPCOT Center.

From left to right, The first figment is cowboy figment (based on his posture. This one, I imagine, was one that couldn’t be reused as it was made to swing back and forth on the horse, plus way the animatronic was made is IDENTICAL to that scene alone.).

The center one’s a bit tricky, but I think it’s possibly the Captain America, Mountain climber Figment, Chemist and/or pirate Figment, (as one hand is stretched out, with the other recoiled in..The extra hands are probably were to create variety, not to mention some of the footage has the scenes flipped so you can’t see the pattern of one lifted hand and the other one at rest, as well as the same slope of the neck and head turn.)

Finally, the Ship driver Figment, Dancer Figment and/or the weightlifter Figment (as these were the puppet scenes. This Figment and had a wider face to fit a hand like a puppet to move its mouth, not to mention his hands are both clasping something like a steering wheel, a performer cane, or the dumbells)

I literally screamed.

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As we embark on this enhancement of World Showcase entertainment, we bid a fond farewell to Mo’Rockin’, Off Kilter, Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps and World Showcase Players.

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EPCOT Center: The Problems With Updating Attractions


Ranting, Dreaming, And Speculating.

"EPCOT Center began as a showcase of new ideas and technologies, and cultures from around the world. We have seen it devolve into cheap tie-ins and an excuse to get obliterated on alcohol and junk food."

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Walt Disney World Vacation Information (1983)

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Future World attractions as seen from the monorail :D

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Omg Odyssey was open today. Those velour ceiling tiles though.

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My cousins once made me cry in a very similar conversation when I was 5 years old.

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